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• Consist of rigid polycarbonate or polyester substrates.

• Screen printed second surface to protect image.

• Available in variety of finish textures and thickness.

• Durable, scratch resistant

• Offered in selective texturing.

• Clear coating and embossing.
Membrane Switches
offer an offer economical alternative to mechanical switches. They allow for graphic overlay design and facilitate brand marking. A typical MEMBRANE SWITCH is constructed in the following layers:

Retainer/Static Shield is a sheet of polyester used to keep the stainless steel tactile domes in position. The top surface of this layer is typically printed with conductive ink to create an EMI/RFI shielding layer.

Spacer retainer and circuit layer. Available in different thickness to allow for extra space needed when embedding LED’s or using certain domes requiring more height. Required for both tactile and non-tactile switches.

Circuitry of heat stabilized polyester printed with conductive
dielectric inks.

• Circuitry traces printed in conductive ink.
• Dielectric insulator ink printed to protect exposed areas.
• Undergoes thorough testing before assembly.
• LED’s and domes can be applied.

You can now look to Quality Innovations LLC for your Graphic Overlays and Membrane Switch requirements.

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